“We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.”  Margaret Mead

RKIL specializes in assisting clients with workflow opportunities. RKIL partners with clients by providing technical expertise in the areas of workflow, moving information from one step in a process to another, and adding value in the process. Frequently the workflow analysis and design leads to software development either for standard workstation software, and web based systems.

Workflow Analysis and Design

The technical expertise of analyzing a system, and determining the existing systems, then combining 'what is', with technology to create 'what could be'. RKIL's emphasis is on adding value to each step of the process.

Some engagements with Client Server, Web Sites, Workflow.

Software Design and Development

Once the workflow has been defined, RKIL can design and develop software that will implement the process. Systems may be client/server systems (Oracle, Omnis, Powerbuilder, Notes) or standalone applications (Omnis, C++). Specialized applications can include secure and messaging systems (MQ, Entrust).

Some engagements with Client Server, Design and DevelopmentIBM Notes, Omnis, Oracle, SQL ServeWorkflow.

Web Site Design and Development

Workflow often requires connecting in users who are outside the enterprise, and the Internet was designed specifically to do that. Systems can include standard HTML pages, data base publishing, or interactive and secure systems.

Some engagements that included Web Sites.

Mobile App Development

The development of apps for mobile applications may make use of the same development tools as the desktop, however the implementation methodology is quite different. RKIL's background in user interface design and usability allow the development of focussed apps that respond well to the limited screen space and interface options for mobile.

Some engagements that included Mobile Apps.

AuthorJamie Johnson