Although about 2% of the people in the world stutter, there is very little research into helping people who do. There is no know cause, no known cure.

iCanSpeak is a deeply personal project. It comes from years of sharing the challenges of someone who stutters, and looking for anything you can do to help.

Implementation by RKIL

The iCanSpeak project started with individual speech therapy in 1992, and progressed to some custom software running on a desktop computer by 1999. In 2003 iCanSpeak evolved to running on an early smart phone, and now with version 2.0 in 2017, it has become a full suite of tools running on an iPhone. 

Live provides help on a daily basis, Techniques will provide exercises for working with a Speech Language Pathologist, and Care will provide ways to gather data and work with a Speech Language Pathologist remotely.

The documentation for the app is in the main web site, allowing for updates to be made without re-releasing the app. The app also has a Facebook page, and a Twitter account to support them.

AuthorJamie Johnson