The Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada is responsible for Section 5 of the Energy Efficiency Act which is intended to help Canada become more energy efficient. Part of that mandate includes making the public aware of energy efficient options for appliances and other home projects. 

NRCan has just taken an additional step with the release of the ENERGYSTAR Most efficiency 2011 app into the Apple App Store.

Implementation by RKIL

RKIL has been working with NRCan for almost 20 years on the EnerGuide and ENERGYSTAR projects, and proposed the creation of an iPhone app to allow mobile users to find information that they could use to make informed purchases.

The iPhone app was created by RKIL to allow users to find out them most efficient products from the Heat Pumps, Central Air Conditioners, Clothes Washers, Refrigerators and Televisions. The app works in both official languages.

AuthorJamie Johnson
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