A small, focused team like RKIL makes use of associates who can provide complementary services. RKIL is fortunate to have a number of high quality associates.

Anna Bruce

Anna Czapalay is a data administrator for RKIL focussing on the EngerGuide project at NRCan. Anna assists in the operations of the system by monitoring the health of the data base and validating the tens of thousands of records that are added on a weekly basis.

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson is a founding partner in RKIL and has been involved in the creation of the design and development team. He has acted as the project leader, project manager and technical authority on a wide range of system development and systems integration projects. Jamie's background in process design starts with real time systems, and now focuses on the needs of the organization in workflow redesign.

Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson is the office manager and contract administrator and has been supporting the consulting group at RKIL since 1989. Laura also provides the daily support for RKIL's mail and web servers.

Mark Czapalay

Mark is a senior software designer and developer with RKIL who specializes in the creation of the user interface for work flow applications using client/server based tools. Mark has a significant background in object oriented systems, and applies this to the usability of user interfaces for work flow simplification. Marks experience ranges from stand alone tactical systems with the Canadian military through to the EnerGuide system at NRCan for monitoring the import and sale of all energy using appliances in Canada.

Associates of RKIL

  • Deep Partners Brand Design provides RKIL with marketing expertise, along with graphics support for web sites and interface designs.
  • DJ Films is a multimedia and training company that provides instructional design for a wide range of corporate and institutional needs.
  • iStoddart and Associates provides computer hardware and 'off the shelf' software for RKIL to complete systems integration projects
  • Murmur Informatics is a software development firm that RKIL partners with for C++ coding with an emphasis on Server Services. Chris Wise is their senior software designer and has a wide background in applications development.
AuthorJamie Johnson