RKIL is a professional services firm that specializes in the improvement of work flow. RKIL's services range from process redesign through to the creation of complete software systems.

RKIL's design and development team has established a reputation as a firm which delivers workflow solutions that are innovative, highly functional and at the same time, cost effective. The reputation has been earned by delivering a wide range of solutions that have exceeded our clients' expections. 

RKIL's emphasis with work flow improvement is on the way the user interacts with the process. An interface is much more than just icons and menus, but rather, the whole user experience.

RKIL's designers' and developers' experience with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) goes back to 1984, allowing RKIL to draw on expertise which delivers processes and software that are consistent, intuitive, and provide the user with the feeling of control.

With the emphasis of process design being on the user interface, RKIL can make use of a wide variety of software tools, choosing the one that best matches the requirements of the individual engagement. The toolkit used by RKIL includes Lotus Notes, Omnis, Oracle and C++. Based in Ottawa, Canada, RKIL provides services to the Canadian Federal Government, as well as to private sector organizations located in Canada, the United States and overseas.

AuthorJamie Johnson