The RKIL logo has a juggler with three balls in the air, and we have been asked more if there is some symbolism for those balls?


When RKIL was formed in 1994 as a spin out from byDesign for software design and development, we were looking for a logo that would explain what RKIL was all about. The first choice was Moof, the cow/dog that was famous from its placement by Apple in their printer dialog boxes, which adopted by Mac developers under the name Clarus as a poke at Apple's Claris software division. We gave it an RKIL spin, by inverting her and giving her an information super highway make over.


We switched to the first variation of the juggler after early in 1996, when the three balls represented Macintosh, Windows and UNIX, our three development targets. The colored version was red for Apple, blue for IBM and yellow for HP.

We have had friends and clients send us variations on the logos which include moving balls, 10 balls, and the humpty dumpty version with the broken balls on the ground.

What we prefer to think of the balls now are the the axis of project management, time, budget and deliverables. As the old project joke goes, pick two.

AuthorJamie Johnson