When the folks at 37Signals make those kind of statements, they may sound more like anarchists than the very successful business people that they are.

Their book REWORK has been on the NY Times best selling list, and this is inspite of going against most of the conventional wisdom for startups.

Here are a few sample quotes:

  • "Planning lets the past drive the future"
  • "Start a business, not a startup. The bottom line must matter, now"
  • "Get to the great by cutting out the good"
  • "Ignore the details at the start"
  • "You can't build on 'we will decide later'. You can build on 'done'"
  • "What is the real cost of a meeting?"
  • "If I had listened to customers, I would have built a faster horse" - Henry Ford
  • "Marketing is not a department, it is an activity. Accounting is a department"

A quick read, a better listen.


AuthorJamie Johnson