Mann & Partners, LLP is a dynamic group of lawyers practising in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada who provide a broad range of services in most areas of law to clients throughout Ontario. The firm decided it was time to update their web site in order to make it easier to add content and to take advantage of social media.

Mann knew that while the content on the site was mostly up to date, it was too tough to update content. The site needed to updatable without having to make use of any IT skills.

The original site was put in place before  Facebook or Twitter existed, to the site did not provide options to include any social networking options.

Implementation by RKIL


RKIL was able to repurpose all the existing content by moving it into a Content Management System (CMS) provide by SquareSpace. The fully functional CMS allows the staff at Mann to easily add content as often as needed, as well has having the option of easily turning on links to a whole range of social networking sites.

AuthorJamie Johnson