New Experience for


A year into the rebranding of Accora Village, the team at Ferguslea Properties opted to provide a refreshed site design to highlight the areas that were of most interest to the visitors the site. RKIL along with Deep Partners had identified a significant interest in the News and Events part of the site, was well as increasing traffic on mobile devices.

Implementation by RKIL

During the original implementation process, RKIL made use of its ICE (Infrastructure, Content, Experience) approach that allowed the updating of the user experience for the site, without the need to change the content or the infrastructure.

The new site got a streamlined menu structure, as well as a modified home page which increases the visual impact of the site, and allowed for selected call out boxes to focus attention on special pages. All of the existing content was reused, with no need to reformat or relink.

Multiplatform Software for the World Health Organization


The World Health Organization's mission is "To improve people's lives, to reduce the burden of disease and poverty, and to provide access to responsive health care for all people". Part of the the fulfillment of that mission includes providing safe drinking water to the the 1 in 5 people who do not currently have it.

In places where some form of water treatment was in place, the WHO wanted to develop a way for the operators of the systems to be able to get recommendations on how to operate their water treatment plants safely.

Implementation by RKIL

Team with the training specialists at DJ Films, RKIL proposed a stand alone application that would provide an expert system that used a question and answer format to walk an unsophisticated plant manger through the basic recommendations for plant safety.

The application was developed using Adobe's Flex suite to allow for the same source code to deploy Windows and Macintosh versions of the application, including the multimedia help files.

Web Site for Hendry Warren LLP


Hendry Warren LLP are Accounting Specialists who focus on the Entrepreneurial Enterprise in the Ottawa area. The firm felt it needed a presence on the Web in order to promote itself to potential clients, as well as to potential employees. The web presence had to provide a high degree of functionality and professionalism, at a low cost of entry and maintenance.

A key requirement for Hendry Warren LLP was that the site always be current so that visitors to the site would be able to get an accurate picture of the firm and the many community activities that it is involved in.

Implementation by RKIL


As an accounting firm Hendry Warren LLP did not count web development as a core competency, and did not want to allocate any resources to web specific skills. RKIL implemented a solution that included the use of RKIL's standard web site structure, which was then modified slightly for Hendry Warren LLP's needs. The graphics to the site were redesigned by Stanley Design and implemented by RKIL. 

In order to help the firm keep the site up to date without having to acquire web development skills, RKIL put a system in place where the staff can email their updates to RKIL who will post the content for Hendry Warren LLP.

ENERGY STAR app in the App Store


RKIL has been working with the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada for almost 20 years on the EnerGuide and ENERGY STAR programs, and that partnership has just taken an additional step with the release of the ENERGY STAR Most efficiency 2011 app into the Apple App Store.

Implementation by RKIL

The iPhone app allows users to find out the most efficient products from the Heat Pumps, Central Air Conditioners, Clothes Washers, Refrigerators and Televisions. The app works in both official languages.

Apple Attacks Google

The rivalry between previous allies Apple and Google took an interesting step with Apple's release of the iPhone 4s. The announcement of the hardware and new version of iOS was not the difference, Siri was. 

While Apple portrayed Siri as a personal assistant on the phone who could set reminders and make calls, Siri is also able to search the Web on a voice request. In fact, Apple's Siri page does not even mention search.

This is Apple's first step into mass search, and while it may use Google's search engine (along with Wolfram Alpha), it will remove the users view of Google's ads. A direct strike at the jugular for Google.