The World Health Organization's mission is "To improve people's lives, to reduce the burden of disease and poverty, and to provide access to responsive health care for all people". Part of the the fulfillment of that mission includes providing safe drinking water to the the 1 in 5 people who do not currently have it.

In places where some form of water treatment was in place, the WHO wanted to develop a way for the operators of the systems to be able to get recommendations on how to operate their water treatment plants safely.

Implementation by RKIL

Team with the training specialists at DJ Films, RKIL proposed a stand alone application that would provide an expert system that used a question and answer format to walk an unsophisticated plant manger through the basic recommendations for plant safety.

The application was developed using Adobe's Flex suite to allow for the same source code to deploy Windows and Macintosh versions of the application, including the multimedia help files.

AuthorJamie Johnson