Hendry Warren LLP are Accounting Specialists who focus on the Entrepreneurial Enterprise in the Ottawa area. The firm felt it needed a presence on the Web in order to promote itself to potential clients, as well as to potential employees. The web presence had to provide a high degree of functionality and professionalism, at a low cost of entry and maintenance.

A key requirement for Hendry Warren LLP was that the site always be current so that visitors to the site would be able to get an accurate picture of the firm and the many community activities that it is involved in.

Implementation by RKIL

As an accounting firm Hendry Warren LLP did not count web development as a core competency, and did not want to allocate any resources to web specific skills. RKIL implemented a solution that included the use of RKIL's standard web site structure, which was then modified slightly for Hendry Warren LLP's needs. The graphics to the site were redesigned by Stanley Design and implemented by RKIL. 

In order to help the firm keep the site up to date without having to acquire web development skills, RKIL put a system in place where the staff can email their updates to RKIL who will post the content for Hendry Warren LLP.

AuthorJamie Johnson