As a small business, RKIL depends on parnters to provide complementary services and products to work with projects.

  • CLLees and Associates provides hardware and 'off the shelf software' that may be required by clients, RKIL makes use of the services of Leroy Lees.
  • Delsys Research is an Ottawa based consulting firm that specializes in government regulation and in parliamentary relations. Delsys teams with RKIL for process design and implementation.
  • DJ Films is a multimedia and training company that provides instructional design for a wide range of corporate and institutional needs.
  • Irongate Server Management provides expertise in OS X installations with hardware and software that supports RKIL's custom software solutions.
  • iServiceDepot provides hardware service to systems running RKIL's custom software.
  • iStoddart and Associates provides computer hardware and 'off the shelf' software for RKIL to complete systems integration projects


AuthorJamie Johnson