The team at Ferguslea Properties had developed a set of strategies for the rebranding of the Bayshore Community to a new approach with Accora Village. The brand team, led by Instinct and supported by Deep Partners, had developed a set of strategies which included improved service, updated facilities, and a greening initiative for environmental improvements.

To help support the new brand for the community, RKIL was asked to develop a web site that would support the new brand and provide new assistance and information for the residents of the community.

Implementation by RKIL

The implementation process for the web site began with a design that would reflect all of the brand values that has been established. The design had to consider not only the graphical elements used throughout the rebranding, the design also had to support the brand values which were all resident focussed.

The design of the site had a number of  implemental considerations for the operational team at Accora Village which does not have significant IT experience, and would have limited resources to update and monitor the site.

RKIL selected as the web hosting and content management technology for The site is a combination of relatively static information for background, and dynamic areas for Specials, News and Events, and the Accora Centre.

The dynamic areas of the site can be updated by Accora Village staff simply by sending an email to the site. The dynamic areas of the site also include options for links to social media including Facebook to allow residents to share information of the recreational activities hosted at the Accora Centre.

At the same time, the site infrastructure is robust enough to handle the significant volumes of traffic that are expected to arrive.

AuthorJamie Johnson