EcoEnergy Retrofit

EcoEnergy Retrofit was created by the Government of Canada to help homeowners get independent, expert advice about the energy efficiency of their homes. Developed by the Office of Energy Efficiency of Natural Resources Canada in cooperation with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the program aims to develop a pool of qualified energy experts to help Canadians improve the energy efficiency of their houses.

RKIL has progressively built a system with NRCan that made use of existing infrastructure and allowed evaluators to submit files for archiving and payment utilizing open standards software.

Version 3 of the RKIL Site


The first RKIL site in 1996 to advantage of our new high speed ISDN line with a 56k connection to the Internet, and made use of a Macintosh SE running AUX, Apple's first version of UNIX. The site had half a dozen pages, no way of tracking, was tough to update, and was a miracle in technology. That was then.

In 1998, the site was upgraded to take advantage of updates to Lotus Notes that allowed us to publish data bases to the web. With the use of embedded HTML, Javascript and other Web technologies the site could be updated easily and quickly. The site was hosted one of RKIL's Domino servers, and connected to the Internet with a 1Mb DSL connection. The Notes based site lasted all they way to 2009 with a few face lifts along the way.

In 2009, the site was migrated to to take advantage of faster connections with remote hosting and the ability to link to social media. The transfer was relatively painless, and we are hoping that the new features will make the site more interesting. Your feedback is always welcome.

Web Sites for Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge


As world class fishing destinations, these two lodges wanted to create a web presence that showed off the wonderful experience that they could provide.

The sites had to provide a simple navigation experience for the visitors, and allow the staff at the Lodges to easily update the content of the site for news and announcements on availability and fly shop specials.

The guests of the Lodges come from all around the world, and services are provided in both English and French, and the sites needed to do the same.

Implementation by RKIL


RKIL partnered with Deep Partners to create an elegant site. Deep Partners provided the Marketing and graphical design expertise, and RKIL provided the technical design and development.

The solution provided by RKIL included a web server based on Lotus Domino which allowed RKIL to provide a web based interface to allow staff members to update the sites' content. The sites are available in English for Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge, as well as in French for both Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge.

Web Site for Labarge Weinstein


Labarge Weinstein is a Business Law firm based in Ottawa, with a focus on Ottawa's high tech industry. As part of a brand update, the firm wanted to make sure that their web site was delivering a consistent message, and portrayed the forward thinking direction of Labarge Weinstein.

Implementation by RKIL


RKIL partnered with Deep Partners to develop a site that would allow LWLaw to create a site that could be maintained by staff. Deep Partners provided the Marketing and graphical design expertise, and RKIL provided the technical design and development.

The server was based on a Joomla server running in the Labarge Weinstein office, and provides a web based interface to allow staff members to update the sites' content.

Training System for the IAEA


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) wanted to roll out a Quality Management System across the agency and needed to provide an orientation to all staff on the system.

Implementation by RKIL


RKIL partnered with D.J. Films a multi media and training company to provide an integrated training and testing system. The server was based on ASP and SQL Serve, and provided a web based interface to allow staff members to walk through the training materials, and perform a test at the end of the session.