Businesses and Government have been able to take advantage of computer technologies to improve the way their organizations run, and improve efficiencies. Many not for profit organizations can not afford to purchase the technology and support required to do the same. RKIL believes that the technology industry should be involved in the community to make a difference.

RKIL has tried to put this belief in action by supporting worth while community groups, and encourages all individuals and organizations to get involved.

RKIL provides support to the following community groups:

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is the largest service club in the Ottawa area with 250 members and annual fund raising of $500,000. RKIL supports Kiwanis by creating and hosting the Web site, providing computer support to projects including the IDD initiative and the 'Never Shake a Baby' educational video, the Precious Minds educational video, the Bon Appetit Silent Auction, as well as support for the office staff. RKIL also provides support for the Rideau Kiwanis Club, and the Eastern Canada and Carabbean District of Kiwanis.

The Macintosh User Group of Ottawa

The MUGOO is a user group of enthusiasts of the Macintosh computer who meet on a monthly basis in the Ottawa area. In addition to the monthly meeting, a series of special interest groups meet monthly. RKIL provided a monthly news update from 1986 through 1998.

AuthorJamie Johnson